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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: there could be some time in jail if this guy ends up going to court. some of the neighbors around here told us they had been noticing more people parking, walking into this nondescript looking storefront in pacifica. two weeks ago a number of city officials walked in by chance. what they found was not at all what they were expecting. so we just opened the door and immediately we see, smell, the marijuana. and it's like simple as the that. >> reporter: he was with pacifica's mayor, police chief, city manager and others on august 19 during the mayor's walk-arou around the city. when they walked in was not w.s.g. flower shop according to the business permit. it was wsg, wellness solutions
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group, a meddical marijuana dispdi dispensor ycht. a -- dispensery. >> operating a medical marijuana club out of the storefront since august 1. >> do you feel you are doing anything wrong? >> no, i hat i have nothing to . >> he was hiding quite a bit, the business application for a flower shop. >> it us our opinion that they obtained this license, under false pretense. they lied basically on their license they know they lied. >> medical marijuana is tried cannibus flowers. it would fall under the same category. that's really more of a -- where the city has the the issue. >> reporter: actually another ush issue. it its up to the cities to de e
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determine itch they want them. it is a violation of municipal codes. despite there aren't references to dispensaries on the books. >> if i had gone in and asked to apply for medical marijuana dispensary, they would have told me no from the start. >> reporter: police gave salviotar aca a cease and deesi letter. he shuttle the place down. not only does he face a misdemeanor, for lying, any time they come by and see a transaction going on that its another misdemeanor arrest. he coulden end up six months in jail for each incident. while we were sitting here this afternoon the landlord came to us and told us that he said this was supposed to be a chinese herb shop. live in pacifica, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, tracy. talk about a bad parking job.
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look at this our nbc chopper shows a car dangling over the edge of a parking garage at the mosconi center, third and fulsome. a mazda crashed through the barrier. a parking attendant was helping the driver push the stalled vehicle before the driver lost control. emergency crews were able to pull the vehicle back into the building. the garage ended up being closed between 1:00 and 2:30. both the car's owner and parking attendant are okay. metal debris that fell on to the sidewalk below luckily didn't hurt anyone going by. three construction workers injured una concrete pouring accident are hospitalized to night. one of the men is seeing some improvement. san francisco general hospital spokesperson says one worker's condition upgraded from serious to fair. two others though are in serious condition. the men were on the job site at a san francisco apartment complex yesterday when the structure used to support the drying concrete broke, sending
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sludge raining down on the workers. some fell as far as 30 feet and were covered in concrete until co-workers pulled them out. >> did he admit to the crime or not. a pastor accused of engaging in lewd acts with a girl in his bible class. the pastor denied the charges in court. but police are telling a much different story. nbc bay area's monte francis joins us with details. >> reporter: police say that the pastor admitted to an inappropriate relationship with the girl under the age of 14. today in court he pleaded not guilty to the charges. the judge would not let our tv camera inside the courtroom at the courthouse. but permitted me to take a few still shots during the arraignment with my cell phone. the hearing lasted just long enough for gamboa to deny charges of a lewd act with a chide. the lieutenant says pastor,
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already admitted to the charges when questioned by investigators. >> in general he admitted to some of the inappropriate behavior we had suspected and kind of confirmed and verified some of the things the victim told us. >> reporter: the 38-year-old pastor allegedly sent inappropriate text messages to the girl which were discovered by the girl's parents. that's when the parents contacted police. >> we found out through the course of the investigation that there was some inappropriate sexual contact between the two. some, kissing and touching and things of that nature. that are definitely violations of the law relative to a 38-year-old man and a minor female. >> reporter: rape and sexual assaults are not alleged. but he faces charges of lewd acts with a child under age 14. acts that allegedly occurred inside the girl's house. if convicted he could face prison time. police say at this point there its no indication there are more
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victims. however. >> if anybody else is out there that maybe experience aid similar situation with their child or whatever we would look them to come forward and contact the police department. >> reporter: the pastor is held on $300,000 bail. police are not revealing the name of the pastor's church to protect the identity of the girl. a preliminary hearing scheduled for september 16. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a police officer arrested for allegedly having improper relations with two teenage boys its out of jail. the 44-year-old was released from santa clara county jail after posting $100,000 bail. he was arrested yesterday by gilroy police when he showed up for work at san jose police department. he now faces three counts of child molestation. police say he allegedly mope-- molested the boys, ages 15 and 17 at his home in gilroy.
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a san jose spokesperson says heap is on paid leave and the department will conduct its own internal investigation. he was one of two suspected police officers accused of covering up a dui crash of a fellow police officer. he worked as a campus police officer. san francisco police are stepping up their patrols of the mission district following two deadly gang shootings earlier this week. one of the victims was mistaken for a rival gang member and shot outside the restaurant where he worked. a second victim, suspected gang member was shot the same day, presumably by rivals. police say there may be more uniformed, plain clothes officers in the district from now on. the mission has seen at least eight cases of gang related violence this year. well, her morning walk turned tragic. we know the i dent team partm i
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74-year-old victim of a hilt d hit-and-run. a motorhome hit her from behind while on the sidewalk near homestead and mary avenue. a man is in police custody faces charges in connection with the hit-and-run. investigators are trying to figure out itch the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. next week marks the one-year anniversary of the san bruno explosion. for pg & e, damage control is intensifying. pg & e, fired four inspectors for lying and falsifying inspection reports. four other workers were disciplined as a result of this investigation. the mercury news reporting the company reinspected 25,000 underground encloep susures. pg & e found two dozen falsely inspected. six in santa clara. one in san mateo county. bringing pg & e to justice is on hold.
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san bruno blast victims waiting for their day in court will wait a little longer. victims of the explosion urged a judge to set a court date to bring pg & e to trial. more than 300 people are suing the utility, and because of the explosion, which killed eight people, and destroyed dozens of homes last september. but of the judge decided to put off the decision for another three weeks. one of the issues, whether to consolidate the trials and allow mediation behind closed doors. something victims say they don't want. >> we do not want piecemeal litigation with confidential settlements behind a steel curtain of secrecy where nobody knows what happened and why. >> the victims are seeking money for liability and punitive damages. today's hearing on the heels of the ntsb's scathing report which blasted pg & e for shoddy wells and poor oversight. tune in for an nbc bay area news special report, called san bruno remembrance and recovery. it airs live here on nbc bay
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area, a week from tomorrow, at 4 4:00 p.m. friday, september 9th marks the one year anniversary of the explosion. turn your attention to the weather which probably got your ation outside, and saw it was hot. tomorrow it turns ow is spare the air day. and our meteorologist its here, jeff ranieri. it got warm fast? >> 10, 15 degree increase in our temperatures. oakland to san francisco. see the it has and smog inhe atmosphere right now. it only takes one day across the bay area. hot temperature thousands. relatively light winds. and you start to see this happening here. that reduced visibility. temperatures did climb into the upper 80s and low 90s today. especially throughout the east and south bay. that's where it was the hottest. you can see in spare the air day for friday. the worst air quality for our east bay communities into concord, fairfield, as far south as san jose done to morgan hill
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and gilroy. regions where any one that does suffer from asthma, elderly, young children. they should be limited to their outdoor exposure. we head into tomorrow. details on a forecast that is going to get even hotter, yes, we'll let you know-difsh there is any triple digit weather cupping your way unmy forecast. in just a minute. >> see you in a few minutes. big change for caltrans riders. what more are finding when they return to their car. not necessarily a good thing. >> a report on the safest drivers in the country and the bay area city among the safest in the state. >> some parents fear they would be forced to get a nanny for their noonly. live in wall nut creek tonight. truth behind a controversion bill.
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certainly controversial. a new bill that may have parents paying nan nanny for their nann. we are joined live from walnut creek to clear up all the confusion about this, elise? >> yeah, a lot of confusion on the playground, jessica. most parents said they could not afford to pay for a babysitter for their babysitter if forced to give them meal breaks. supporters of the bill say it is not about that. it is providing equal rights to all domestic workers. >> i love to be with kids. >> reporter: this woman has been watching children for more than 20 years. >> i don't get a break not even in 12 hours. never ending. >> reporter: she loves her job but often works long hours with no benefits. >> now, 20 years of benefits. >> reporter: under state legislation that would change. the bill called ab-889 would require all domestic workers,
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nannies, housekeepers, care givers receive minimum wage, overtime. and worker's compensation. jessica burns says enforcement would be difficult and most care givers in the bay area are already well compensated. >> the nannies that aren't are usually paid under the table and a really hard area of noannies o keep track of. nobody is reporting income. >> reporter: hiring a nanny for the nanny could be challenging. >> if they're coming for 30 minutes. an hour. that family is going to have to pay them at least twice the salary of what you would pay an hour. >> if you are paying a nanny and babysitter on top of it. i don't agree. >> reporter: assembly member who authored the bill argues the domestic workers bill of rights is not about babysitters about extending same basic labor protection that all other california workers have to the
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200,000 domestic workers that provide care to the disabled and elderly and says it will protect all workers, who work 12 -- plus hour days in people's homes. >> we have hol dates. i am going to get really old and not have anything. >> reporter: and the bill could be voted on as early as january. if it passes the next step would be for the governor to sign it into law. elise, thank you. was it the cheapest deal for a transit agency deep in debt. tonight caltrans has a new contract. caltrain approved a five-year deal with missouri based transit america. the move marks the end of caltrain's 20-year partnership with amtrak. the first year with transit america will cost caltrain more than $59 million. caltrain says while the transit america wasn't the cheapest bid it did offer the most innovative approach. caltrain is making up for some
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losses taking more money out of rider's pockets. the transit agency is handing out twice the number of parking tickets it gave out last year. here are numbers, caltrain gave out 2,000 citations between january and may. more than double compared to the same time last year. caltrain spokesperson could not explain the increase but said time limits at lots have not changed. parking enforcers do not operate on quotas. >> with some of the nation's busiest roadways you may not expect the bay air y to have low collision rates. indianapolis ranked first in large cities in a survey. san diego, san jose, cracked the top ten, numbers five and six. l.a., 13. followed by san francisco. among california cities, salinas number one for lowest frequency of crashes with residents going ten years before automobile accidents. fresno, 3. santa rosa at 5. san jose, 2.
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sunnyvale, 33rd. angry confrontation between act vigs ivists at a san franci bank. they joined a homeowner on the brink of foreclosure and support her demand for loan modification. she claims after she was steered into an interest only mortgage, when the bank wouldn't help her with a modification sunny was victimized by two scam orgs organizations. homeowners across the state joined the group vowing to resist unlawful action by banks. part neshg with community groups and looking to build a nationwide movement. in the city today, tank tops, short sleeve shirts. shorts. hello, september 1. jeff ranieri is with us now. >> jeff in his flip-flops. >> yes on the way back from the gi gym. a few minutes. warming of in san francisco. wind out of the northwest. a dry wind. increase fire danger. notably, a little blast of
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summer weather that has been short-lived here across the bay area. the past month or so. see the northwest winds. 5 to 15 miles an hour. still not strong enough to scour out some of this stagnant air sitting across the bay area. so we are looking at the spare the air alert as we head into friday. 84 in san jose. numbers up. five degrees there. 88. up about seven, ten grez degree the east bay. a look outside. shows fog in the city. not too much. it is really compressed done to the surface. that's because of this, northwest wind at 20 miles an hour. hot is dry air in the upper levels. just, sinking once again and hoping to push out the fog. from oakland, it's not fog. yet again the stagnant air that its with us, spare the air day friday. cooling off, 62 in san francisco. 181 in nevado. and we do have a little bit of
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fog out here. right up along the coastline at this point. not going to see too much build back in as we head throughout tomorrow morning. yes going to be getting even hotter. talking more 90-degree heat. widespread, 90s coming our way. for those of you unsouth bay. definitely getting hotter for us tomorrow. we'll start off mild here. 63 in livermore. 62, san jose, 5:00 a.m. and by 11:00 a.m., temperatures bumping into the mid 80s here for the east bay. more coming up, on your seven-day forecast, and let you know itch thef there is any tri digits. ahead. >> at 6:00. wildlife workers in the south bay try to rescue ducks shot with darts. the latest oefrneffort. is it a real plan to get californians working again? or too good to be true. the new proposal by >> i'm scott budman with a slice of tech history you may not
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know. the con fri bugs tribution of i. inside a new exhibit coming up!
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if you were unep ployed what would you give for a job? how about blood? offering people who donate a better chance to find work. next two weeks donating blood will get you an in vi tags to a clinic. by high tech companies. you can get the latest information on networking techniques in silicone valley and fine tuning for your resume. there will be recruiters on hand for one to one consultation as well and career counselors. the blood center says it is a win-win. >> employers get potentially very good candidates. many of the people will be highly qualified. they certainly are good people. they donate blood. and in addition to that they get the opportunity to -- to
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possibly get a job, certainly get the tools towards getting a job, patients, local, get the blood they need. mark your calendar, job workshop held on the 1 39 of september which is the last day to donate at the blood center. >> bad news for both movie lovers and investors tonight. netflix gets in a fight and takes a tumble. let's bring in scott budman. couple missteps in the last few weeks and months from netflix. and yes, netflix thrived because of its relationship with studios and effective way to get studio content to your computer, tv, phone. netflix unable to reach a deal with starz. and starz will pull tv and movie content early next year. on that news, shares, falling by 9% or $20 apiece in afterhours trading. netflix says it can take the money and secure other content.
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while on the subjufkt tumbling stocks. rough day on wall street. investors worried about job numbers as the latest manufacturing data shows a slightly growing economy. $1.3 billion. a lot of money even for oracle, redwood city software giant had won a judgment of that size against rival sap in a copy right infringement case to. day had the judgment overturned. the judge ruling actual damages at $272 million. oracle can reappeal. here, famous for looking ahead to the future of tech. but it is the past coming to a local museum devoted to technology. a past starting in the 8th century and golden age of the islamic world. it is about culture. and about the next generation. a lesson in the history of technology and the contribution of islam. >> a way of saying, and showing,
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look, we're reliant upon one another. >> you may not know it, silicone valley technology is partly reliant on the muslim world. san jose's tech museum, shining a light on what it calls islamic science rediscovered. >> we believe that science centers are safe places for ideas. and children in particular they need to be stimulated. stimulated science can be excited and fun. >> learning about it can be eye opening. for example. math and its muslim past. >> the tenth century, famous muslim scientist. was the one who really -- if you will, named zero. and then, you know, comes from arabic numerals we use to this day in algebra. >> tie don't know what your history classes were like. mine were sort of devoid of this topic. you know you kind of go from -- the egyptians to -- to the pyramids to -- renaissance europe. and there is just nothing in
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between which is clearly not so. >> it its not a time the western world is all that familiar with. but the islamic golden age, played a part in what we do today. if you're curious, the evidence is in the heart of silicone valley. the islamic science exhibit opens saturday at tech museum in downtown san jose. limited run. we are toad will last at least through the hol dates. jessica, raj. >> thank you, scott. coming up here at 6:00. introduce you to the bay area's latest wildlife celebrity. >> researchers say it reached a tipping point. increasing danger linked to space junk. >> boosting california's business climate. a plan to keep businesses and jobs here in the golden state. >> i'm marianne favro. duck shot by a capturet i'll tell you about their efforts coming up.
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they're considered part of the community. ducks, call a santa clara pond home. tonight one duck is dead. two others injured after they were shot by blow gun darts. experts did their best to find the duck that is injished. it is a story we have been, story we first brought you last night. nbc bay area's maryann favro joins us. the rescue attempt didn't go quite as well as anticipated. >> reporter: unfortunately it did not. take a look at the pond. this is where the ducks hang out. wild rescue volunteers tried to capture one of the injured birds. he was so skittish they couldn't catch him. tonight he is still swimming out there, with a dart through his head. the ducks that swim on this pond at marina playa apartment complex in santa clara are considered friends by many who live here especially ben williams. >> they mean peace to me because
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i see them come. and i -- talk to them. >> so ben was upset when last week he saw one of his feathered friends swimming with a green blow gun dart through his head. >> it's terrible. it's terrible. it's -- to hurt any, any animal like that. >> even more terrible he says, is that this duck is not the only one shot. >> we think there is now -- now three total, three confirmed, one, one was picked up dead with four darts, four or five darts in it last thursday. this one here with the -- green dart, that we are going after, and then there was a blue darted one that we don't know where that is. >> reporter: today wild rescue volunteers tried for two hours to rescue the maimed mallard with a dart in his head. >> juvenile male. essentially a baby duck, growing up duck. he doesn't have all his primaries. he can fly straight up. he is able to fly straight up
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which makes our job really tough. >> reporter: so tough wild rescue team had to give up for now. they hope to return monday to try again. the big concerns for the duck right now are risk of infection and possibility he might snag the dart on something and tear his skin. the search for who did this to him continues with a reward at more than $5,000. >> somebody know whose is doing it. i am leaning toward it being a kid and animal cruelty thing. i don't think anyone was hunting. >> reporter: for ben the attack on feathered friends robbed him of his peace on the pond. unfortunately, this is not the first time that this has happened in the area. a few months ago, another duck a. but three miles from here was also injured in the same way. tonight there is a $5,000 reward for any one who has information. which could lead to finding the person or persons who harmed these animals. reporting live in santa clara,
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maryann favro, nbc bay area news. police have release aid picture of a murder suspect. they need help tracking him down. 55-year-old juan martinez. police want to talk to him about the murder of the 52-year-old erma campos. she was found dead inside a home last friday. police believe she was kid in a domestic violence reap lated incident. governor jerry brown swore in uc berkeley law professor goodwin liu to the supreme court. the first judicial appointment governor has made since retaking office in january. replacing former justice carlos moreno who retired earlier this year. after taking the oath of office, liu paid tribute to people who helped him along the way and says he visited the state capitol and has visited many times before. >> but i never imagined our paths would cross quite like this. thank you governor brown for this tremendous honor. >> liu had been nominated to a
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seat on the federal level. ninth circuit court of appeals. but withdrew after republicans blocked the nomination. his appointment was confirmed by the judicial council yesterday. a new judge in charge of the long running challenge to the california death penalty. richard seeborg based in san francisco will take over the case. seeborg takes the place of a man leaving for d.c. for five years, he handled a lawsuit filed by death row inmates that claims the lethal injection procedure violates the u.s. constitution. in 2b 006, fo ge l found the procedure had numerous flaws and put a stop to executions at san quentin. the new the prole kol is expe expected to undergo court scrutiny. new at 6:00. create more jobs by offering less regulation. the plan from state democrats hoping to jump-start our state
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economy. republican lawmakers reman skrept cal about the plan. one measure creates a lead agency to assist people in businesses. that want to invest in or expand or move off to california. the other measures focus on economic impact of regulations. main your regulation now in california when this law is signed, will have to go through -- not only a rigorous anal al sis of the benefit on either the environmental or the labor side -- analysis of the benefit on either the environmental or the labor side. dangling a carrot to prevent complying with california's new internet sales tax law. the carrot the form of jobs. online retailing giant will open distribution centers and employ 7,000 californians they've can get a reprieve from the law
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until 2014. governor brown signed the measure this past june that states on line retailers must begin collecting sales tax from california customers effective immediately. amazon insists it will hurt business. when asked about amazon's offer, democratic lawmakers say they're reluctant to forego the $200 million a year in new tax revenue. >> all about scheduling or rescheduling. but the white house just wants to talk about jobs not the scheduling fiasco with house speaker john baoehner. in washington, republicans and democrats are accusing each other of playing dirty politics. the president asked for a primetime address to congress on the same night as a gop presidential debate. the white house says it is 14 months before the election there will be many more debates. but republicans see it differently. >> now does this show maybe a little insecurity on the part of the president? >> this is what people hate about politics. spending all this time about the
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drama of the venue. >> the speech was bumped from next wednesday to thursday which is also opening night of the nfl. the white house promises the president will wrap up his speech before kickoff. for the first time since the war in iraq began in 2003, u.s. forces made it through a month without a single death. there have been previous months in which there were no combat related deaths. this marks the first death with no deaths combat or otherwise. all american forces are supposed to leave iraq by december. iraqi officials are discussing twhooi whether to have a long term american military presence in the country. nearly 4,500 american service members died in iraq since the war began. >> nearly ten years after the september 11th attacks the health issues for thousands exposed to dust from the world trade center premain a mystery. asthma and chronic sinus problems are reported so far, others have complained of skin cancer, strange rashes, nagging
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coughs and kidney and liver problems. scientists haven't been able to link illnesses directly. earlier this year, $700 million legal settlement was reached with the 10,000 workers who spent time clearing ground zero. now we invite you to tune in for our special coverage which marks the ten-year anniversary. i'm heading to new york and will be reporting live from ground zero. garvin thomas will be in sha shanksvil shanksville, pennsylvania. see our reports a week from sunday. also a new report out today that says there is just too much junk in space, and something needs to be dawn bout ione abou. nasa needs to come up with a plan to get rid of debris in space it is a hazard. the amount of orbital debris has nearly doubled in the last five years threatening more than 1 f satellites currently circling the earth. >> amazing. still ahead at 6:00. we'll show you the new great white shark now on display in
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our own backyard. monterey bay aquarium. promising new study involving kids and antibiotics. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. clear conditions from san bruno mountain. looking towards san francisco. a sign of hot weather. continuing to come our way after 84 in san jose. we'll be talking about some 90s tomorrow. full detil
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a push to get pediatricians to stop antibiotics for viral illnesses is paying off. health experts say more work needs to be done. a cdc study found that since the early 1990s there has been a ten
6:42 pm
percent drop in antibiotic prescription rates for kids. and bigger drops in how often doctors use antibiotics against colds and sore throats. there wasn't much change in how often they're used against ear infections which can be viral. antibiotics are often given but they don't work. experts say doctors inappropriately prescribe antibiotics more than 50% of the time and even more often when it comes to respiratory infections. we have a new friend, monterey bay aquarium has a catch to lure visitors. a white shark caught in the waters off marina del ray two weeks ago. officials say the 4'7" male, not quite great yet, getting there, 4'7" male was transferred from malibu to monterey placed in the aquarium's open sea exhibit wednesday night. at conveyor yum hopes to keep it on display, next several months. the sixth time the monterey bay aquarium had a young white shark on display. all previous sharks returned to
6:43 pm
the wild. >> jeff, you are going on site to do remotes. see if they let you swim with it in the big tank. >> are you trying to get rid of me. >> looks look he has a nasty bite though. the teeth. >> heap is going to get big. >> numbers getting big over the next couple dates. asked on my facebook,le cooler, hotter, east bay, cooler please for us in livermore bring on the onshore flow or fall. eric, not going to happen. we'll talk how hot it will get in the east bay. coming up. >> if the giants want few get back to the playoffs they will have to go through the arizona doibs. san francisco this weekend getting a prime opportunity to charm the snakes at at & t park. its it possible the giants havet ntne mengeedingahe t s.nt you'll hear from the players
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jeff bursting bubbles all over. it's going to be hot. >> eric swanson is not happy with me. he wants cooler weather. not coming back. if you thought it was hot. it will get uncomfortable. in san francisco. don't have dog this tomb it at
6:46 pm
the night. out of the northwest bay area we see marked cooling. and they're right now the out of the northwest at 20 miles per hour. so, what we are going to find here throughout the north bay is temperatures a lot warmer than we had today. 76 in san rafael. we did reach 93 in livermore the we could be approaching mid and upper 90s for tomorrow. right now, we are already dropping off though. a little bit of fog hugging the coastline. that's helping san mateo, san francisco, in the 60s. having no impact in the east bay communities. still right now, reading in the upper 80s. as we head into tomorrow. with the stagnant air. we have spare the air day in effect for friday. heading off for labor day weekend. grab some friends. take the same car. you can save on gas probably there. as we head into friday. it will be hot inland. as we have been mentioning. also looking at dangerous rip currents at the beach. this warmer weather, may have you heading to cool off. be careful. wind with waves could be as high
6:47 pm
as eight feet. now here is the fog. off the coastline of the north bay. not too much of it. see it hug the coastline throughout tonight. those of you at the coast may get a little cloud cover. not expecting this to move inland by any means. at this point. we have a lot of hot air across the bay area. that will bring us 90s for friday. throughout saturday. still stay hot inland. we definitely have two days here of, some pretty widespread 90 degree temperatures cupping our w -- coming our way. for tonight nothing in the way of low cloud cover picking up, forecast model. into 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow morning. spare the air days in effect for friday. some of the worst air quality for the east and south bay. where you definitely want to limit your outdoor exposure if you suffer from allergies and any kind of respiratory problemsch problem problems. tomorrow, not a bad start. maybe a light jacket. by the afternoon. pull out the shorts. if you can get away with it at work tomorrow.
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it its the day. 90 in san jose. 92 in evergreen. 94, livermore. no triple digits as of yet. warmer than it was today. 86 in redwood city. walnut creek. san ramon. low 90s. 89, napa valley. a lot of the north bay expecting temperatures to go up to the mid and upper 80s. morning time on the weather channel on cable. we still do have -- hurricane katia out there. tropical depression in the gulf. go track that. on the seven-day forecast. 90s, inland, friday, saturday. 70s at the coast. fog-free, friday, saturday. we head throughout next week, 80s will be staying put. so we haven't had too much summer and now mother nature is on track. labor day weekend. yeah. that is okay. >> she calls the shots. >> yes. she does. >> we will all wdok on our tans. >> okay. how about this one.
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first the water buffalos. then the panneda. n panda. now the giraffe. today, rookie outfielder, brandon belt, brandon on the left. but he also, he also visit itted brandon on the right. they named the giraffe after brandon. at the six flags discovery kingdom. the four legged baby giraffe is six days owed. already a couple inches shorter than brandon bet, 6'5", in case you are wondering. belt told us last week, i am embracing the giraffe nickname to. day he said, quote, this was one of the best mornings of my life. let's g a's get to sports. let's bring in brody brazil from our newsroom. brody brazil, stands at 5'10", correct, brody. >> yeah. >> he likes to tell people he is 6 feet tall. >> is the baby peacock an nbc thing, a compliment, diss. >> a compliment. full compliment. brody. take it away.
6:50 pm
>> all right, the giants kicking off a huge three-game series with division leader, airs tomorrow night. some already calling it make or break, with the opportunity to right their own destiny or write themselves off. >> you know, we are going to -- we are going to fight. you know we are going to fight this thing out. and, you know the better team is going to prevail obviously. and -- obviously we feel like we are that team. >> obviously, love to sweep them. but, that being said, you can't do that without worrying about the first game. dare i, they're hot as a pistol right now. we got our work cut out for us. but at the same time -- you know we have been in this position before. and -- that's what i like. >> a day for the as in cleveland. eric sogard will score. 1-0, later, coco crisp. with a base hit to right. and jamir weeks from third.
6:51 pm
as will have a commanding 2-0 lead in the contest. meanwhile defensively on the mound. gonzalez dealing for the as. bottom of the seventh. and both swinging. seven strikeouts in total for gonzales. in seven innings pitched. the as win 7-0. well, no quarterback controversy for the raiders as they enter their final exhibition contest tomorrow night in seattle. jason campbell its the number one guy according to his head coach and mentor. hugh jackson. as they say backups are one bad play away from being the starters for oakland. a pair of california kids. tasrent edwards.bull, as well each preparing for the season as if the top job were theirs. >> i feel like, my harshest critic. want to be at the top of the game all the time. and kyle and jason are pushing me to do that. that's what you want, quarterback position. coach saunders have high expectations.
6:52 pm
my expectations are really high. >> first stringer. second stringer. i have been all three mine career. you have to be prepared. so i go about my business same way if i am a starter orrerorre or second stringer. >> cal kicks off their campaign. taking on fresno state. rare venue. candlestick park. as mindy bach reports, golden bears are out to impress. >> cal turns to an experienced group of players to put last season's 5-7 record behind them. most of the teammates have not had much game time together. >> we have great team chemistry right now. guys have worked very, very hard. i think they have a renewed enthusiasm. >> that enthusiasm begins with the junior transfer who will take the first snap since saturday. >> he has done a great job of learning it quickly. great job through fall camp. getting a lot of reps. doing a really good job of it. i am excited to watch him play.
6:53 pm
>> as he prepaurz res to coach. he has to prepare for the unknown. tedford knows little about the strengths of the bulldogs players. if there is one thing he does know is that pat hill's teams tend to be physical and very fast. >> you have to make sure you honor their speed and respect their speed. and we need to fly to the ball. and it's going to be a four quarter game. for sure. going to have to play hard the nosed football for all four quarters. >> competition on the field its what tedford says will answer any critics and the bears less than favorable preseason ranks. >> our expectations are internal. what we expect of ourselves. and this team its very close. they work very hard. now it is time to go out and, and do something about it. >> in berkeley, mindy bayh, nch area. >> your source for college football. this kickoff weekend. stanford, hosting san hope say
6:54 pm
state. bay area at 2:00 p.m. with cal and fresno state, starting at 4:00 on the california network the we leave you with the story. out of montgomery alabama. 61-year-old allen moore, trying out as a kicker for the football team. if he makes the squad, the vietnam vet will be the oldest player ever at a four-year school. jessica, we're holding out hope for raj there. >> he has got game. >> pick on raj newscast. >> you were picking on him earlier. >> thank you, brody. for a full half-houre bay area a sports coverage. watch with brody brazil at 10:30.
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tonight, hundreds of south bay children and seniors will go without because of what thieves took from them days ago. they weren't after copper wiring or computer equipment, but something that meant so much to so many. tonight at 11:00 we'll show you what was taken and why the city says it will be hard to replace. tonight at 11:00, nbc bay area news, after law & order. we continue our coverage with brent cannon on our 7:00 show. >> yeah, taking a look at arguments to have prop 8 tapes released to the public. an expert on that. amazing new discoveries, nasa si scientists are making with the telescope. coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you for joining us at 6:00. >> hope to see you back here at 11:00.
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>> bye-bye.
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